The Kenyans are coming…

I can remember “back in the day” in our hotel rooms racing around Europe, talking about the Africans… and the fact that they are born and raised at 10,000ft. and by necessity, have to run 10 miles to and from school from the time they are 8 years old…  How do we compete with those genetics and that kind of environmental built-in lung capacity…?   In my new role as Elite Athlete Program Coordinator for the BMO Vancouver Half and Full Marathons, coming up soon on May 6th, I have to embrace the fact that my inbox is FULL of requests from Kenya and Ethiopia for a berth on the Starting line.  Never mind that a ticket from Africa costs $2200 and Prize Money for First Place in the Marathon sits at $3000 with only ONE WINNER…  the prestige in Africa for those that dare to sell the Family Prize Cow to somehow purchase a ticket to race in North America is HUGE.  My own kids think it’s pretty cool that we will have African Elite Athletes cooking in our kitchen around Vancouver Marathon Time (YES when they stay at my house I will look forward to their cooking!), and in return they will enjoy good Canadian Hospitality and LOVE our amazing forest and oceanfront to run freely in for miles and miles…  Check out a quick article here in the Province on Sunday and let me know if you’d like to provide HomeStay for African elites that would like to run here on our new fast course… Together with many others they will DEFINITELY set a new Event Record that will put our beautiful city on the World Wide Radar for fast gorgeous running, whether you are a first-time marathoner or an avid runner looking for that elusive BEST TIME EVER:

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