Want to get off the couch? Time to make a start… even on a rainy day:)

Sometimes when I’m folding the laundry or doing the dishes, I ask myself:  “Did I really stand on an Olympic podium some 27 years ago…?”  (And the answer is:  You bet I did!)  You’re dating yourself if you remember when that American gal collided with a wee South African barefoot runner in a big featured race at the 1984 LA Olympic Games:  I was the Canadian who snuck in there to win a Bronze Medal that day.  Recently in LONDON I had the privilege of sitting in the stands as a spectator for the events I ran way back when and it was FANTASTIC!

These days I still love my runs in the forest, and I’ve dappled in Triathlons, but the only real running I do is to keep up with my four kids!  I’m a personal coach and love to be able to share my expertise with people like you, who for your own reasons have decided to get off the couch.

Just this morning I had a fantastic jog in the forest with my trusty 4-legged companion, whose always willing no matter the weather… and today it was raining for the first time in a while…

Would you like to get started RunWalking?  Maybe have a look for a 5K or 10K event a couple months from now in your community and think about preparing for it.  If you don’t already have a good program to follow, then contact me and I’ll set you on the right path.

You’ve already taken the first step just by even THINKING about it!  I know that with proper guidance and sticking to a tried-and-true program you will discover how easy it will be to take to the streets at a personal pace that is right for you.  Whether you decide to walk or jog, you can be proud of yourself for taking steps toward better health, and having a good time doing it!

“Setting meaningful goals takes courage”…

A couple of thoughts to support your training:

Be patient. Most people tend to do too much too fast too soon –Remember you should always finish feeling like you could have done more. The bulk of any runwalk program needs to be at a comfortable talking pace.

Stick to the scheduleNo more and no less.  If it is a known tried-and-true successful program, then stick to it.

It’s your arm action that sets the pace and maintains your rhythmPump those arms and the legs will follow.

Keep a logbook and record your successes.  It will keep you motivated.

Do a dynamic warm-up to get the circulation going.

Do a stretch afterwards in your cool-down.  It will help prevent injury.

Invite a friend to follow the program with you.  Or maybe find a canine creature.  It will be fun share in the experience.


You can find me anytime at www.lynnkanuka.com  “From the Couch to the Finish Line.”


About Lynn Kanuka

Olympian, Coach, StreetStrider, Corporate Challenge Coach, Event Organizer, Deep Water Runner, Motivational Speaker, Nordic Walking Coach.... My days as a serious athlete are long past, but I'll always be a runner. I love its simplicity. I'd love to help you discover how easy running can be: Walk — Jog — Run or Stride. I know you can do it.
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