Halfway 5K at HillCrest Clinic in Vancouver

Such an awesome group they are at the Hillcrest Sun Run InTraining Clinic!  I was privileged to join them last week at their Over-Halfway-to-Sun Run 5K…  The location just happens to be right at Queen Elizabeth Park, right across from the start of one of the most beautiful point-to-point marathons on the planet:  BMO Vancouver Half and Full –  (of course I’m a little biased:) coming up soon on May 4th the week after the 30th running of the Vancouver Sun Run.  Between these two events there just aren’t other footraces that feature such gorgeous options for sightseeing:)

These Sun Run InTraining participants finished their 5K with gusto – throwing up their arms at the finish line with Big Smiles – the faster finishers waiting for all to finish – celebrating that good feeling of accomplishment with the best Sport Drink ever afterwards – a nice bottle of good-ol’ fashioned chocolate milk – who knew something that tastes so good could be so good for you with just the right nutritional replenishment after a good workout!?

The pleasure was all mine at Hillcrest, and honestly it’s the same at every clinic I manage to visit.  Thanks to Philip Wong the Clinic Coordinator who doesn’t miss a single detail making sure his participants have all their coaching advice and stay safe out there on the roads.  Thanks to you ALL at Hillcrest for your enthusiasm and effort –  it’s YOU who inspire ME in the spirit of fun and fitness – I’ll be there for you and all participants on my perch with 1 mile to go to BC Place Stadium just as you cross over the Cambie St. Bridge on Sun Run Day – After that easy peezy 5K you KNOW you can do it!

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