Tips for Walk-Run Program Success

Coach Lynn’s Basic Tips for Success with your Walk-Run Program:

Be honest about your current fitness level. Choose the right program for yourself.

Be patient. Most people tend to do too much too fast too soon –Remember you should always finish feeling like you could have done more.

Source a coach or tried-and-true program and stick to it. No more and no less. You’ll feel good right away but it takes consistency and weeks/months before you’ll truly experience your gains in fitness.

Make sure you have good supportive shoes that are specific for your own gait, foot structure and appropriate for your program. It will help your success and prevent injury.

You need to commit to at least 3 days per week for your body to adapt to impact and for you to experience improvements in your walk-run fitness.

Stay at a nice easy talking pace for all easy runs and recoveries between intervals. If you are unable to string a few sentences together in conversation, then you are going too fast for yourself. Slow down!

Always have a recovery day after a harder effort day. Intervals, steadies and long runs are “harder” days.

It’s your arm action that sets the pace and maintains your rhythm. Pump those arms and the legs will follow.

Most runners over stride. Focus instead on establishing a comfortable quick turnover. The relative speed will come when you are able to maintain that quick turnover with an increased stride length when you are fitter and stronger from interval training.

Keep a logbook and record your successes. It will keep you motivated.

Do a dynamic warm-up before your workout to get the circulation going.

Do some static stretches afterwards in your cool-down. It will help prevent injury.

Do consider adding some basic core exercises to help maintain proper body posture and improved running technique: planks, wall sits, body bridge for your glute strength, basic sit-ups and push-ups. It only takes a few minutes.

If you are an avid runner, do those strength endurance exercises – ABC’s, in warm-up and afterwards for strength. They will improve your technique and strength. Contact me if you don’t know what these are!

Invite a friend to train with you or find a group. Even a canine creature if you are a beginner. It will be fun to share in the experience and help keep you motivated.

Consistency is key – nothing fancy.

Take a break from the impact with cross training if your body is not adjusting to the training and you have a discomfort that is not subsiding. See a doctor or physio if you are unsure of what you are experiencing.

Remind yourself why you Walk or Run:

It is fun and enjoyable.
It is excellent for heart health.
It builds healthy bones.
It improves mood and reduces stress.
It increases flexibility and strength.
It is an effective way to control weight.
It is a good form of transportation.
It is good for the environment.
You can do it anywhere anytime.
All you need is a tried-and-true training program, good coaching advice and proper shoes.

Lynn Kanuka
Olympian and Coach
You can find me anytime at

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Olympian, Coach, StreetStrider, Corporate Challenge Coach, Event Organizer, Deep Water Runner, Motivational Speaker, Nordic Walking Coach.... My days as a serious athlete are long past, but I'll always be a runner. I love its simplicity. I'd love to help you discover how easy running can be: Walk — Jog — Run or Stride. I know you can do it.
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