Covid 19 – Stay Active

Helloooo there… I’ve been away and it’s time to be BACK… Amidst these extenuating circumstances it has perhaps never been more important than to stay strong and committed to your personal health… There are soooooo many people out walking and running right now and that’s GREAT:)

  • We KNOW exercise will boost your immune system.
  • We KNOW your cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular systems will continue to be stronger and more efficient so that your overall health and fitness will be at its best.
  • We KNOW “exercise is medicine”, and movement will absolutely make you feel better.
  • YOU know this too.

My heart goes out to all of you as we do our best to stay positive while this world-wide covid-craziness continues… and I will continue to support you with WalkRun programs and my video tips and coaching advice as always.  I know that if we can focus on all that we CAN do rather than what we can’t… that somehow life will be better.

What can you do?  Resolve to stay motivated and be committed to your health!

  • Remind yourself how good you feel when you are active and how better able you are to handle the details of your day when you do.
  • Stay safe by keeping your distance as recommended by our World Health Organizations.  STAY HOME.. and do only what is essential.
  • Most people do too much too fast too soon when they decide to run:

Sign up for WalkRun101: Take your first step with a tried-and-true WalkRun experience: Start on workout day by getting yourself dressed for exercise and heading out the door.  Begin your warm-up walk, and the rest of the workout will follow.

I’m confident you can do it!  And I’m running and walking every step of the way as your virtual coach… knowing you’ll be stronger and fitter and happier doing it!

Smiles are contagious:)

Coach Lynn

About Lynn Kanuka

Olympian, Coach, StreetStrider, Corporate Challenge Coach, Event Organizer, Deep Water Runner, Motivational Speaker, Nordic Walking Coach.... My days as a serious athlete are long past, but I'll always be a runner. I love its simplicity. I'd love to help you discover how easy running can be: Walk — Jog — Run or Stride. I know you can do it.
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