About Me

Olympian Lynn KanukaOlympic Bronze LA ’84
World Championships Bronze Norway ’89
Commonwealth Gold Scotland ’86
Canadian Recordholder 1500m
Former Canadian Recordholder 3000m, 5000m, 10K on the roads
Olympic, BC and Saskatchewan Halls of Fame
YWCA Woman of Distinction Award

My days as a serious athlete are long past, but I’ll always be a runner. I love its simplicity. I’d love to help you discover how easy running can be: Walk — Jog — Run or Stride. I know you can do it.

It’s my passion to help people off couches, accomplishing things they never thought were possible. I’ve been coaching for 20 years — people of all ages, shapes and sizes. The key is not to do too much too fast too soon. I am best known currently as SportMedBC’s RunWalk Coach and I’m the middle-distance running coach at Ocean Athletics.

Call me for details on personal online coaching. I’ll get you off that couch and comfortably prepare you for anything from 5K to 10K to marathon, with cross training, motivation and lifestyle tips in between. After an initial consultation, training programs start at $50/month. Additional options include weekly coaching advice and personal feedback, with cross-training, motivation and lifestyle tips. Prices vary accordingly.

Please visit my website at www.lynnkanuka.com for more information.