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Halfway 5K at HillCrest Clinic in Vancouver Such an awesome group they are at the Hillcrest Sun Run InTraining Clinic!  I was privileged to join them last week at their Over-Halfway-to-Sun Run 5K…  The location just happens to be right at Queen Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Inspiration on the run – Wonderful fit couple

Today is a gorgeous day, but last Friday I remember it felt like the sky was falling when I put my private umbrella on (yes I alternate between my Vancouver Sun Run and my Vancouver Marathon Hats!) as I headed out the door … Continue reading

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Brazilian Circuitry in the Snow So much fun to join Arian Nation at the Walnut Grove Sun Run InTraining Clinic – THANKS Gord for your enthusiasm and for capturing the essence of what it’s all about (having’ fun and being … Continue reading

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